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Employment lawyers at SS Legal Associate have experience in employment law matters. In fact, in almost every aspect ranging from labour-management relations to fair employment related practices, employees benefit planning and litigation. Employment and labour lawyers at SS Legal Associate advise clients on disputes. Particularly, employer-employee problems, terminations, breaches, monitoring and enforcement of policies dealing with sexual harassment etc. We also advise on matters relating to discrimination, terms and condition of employment, structuring of bonds and HR policies.

Employment lawyers regularly advice clients on matters pertaining to gratuity, employee immigration, salary claims etc in connection with  employment, termination. We also advise on employment contracts and address issues involving discrimination, disciplinary action and promotion. Employment lawyers at the firm also advise on public sector undertaking disciplinary proceedings against its employees, employees rights, employment and service contracts, labour disputes and Industrial actions, safety legislation, statutory benefits and trade disputes.

Cross Border Employee Management

The Firm also assists clients in complying with employment and labour laws. We also advise on implementation, monitoring and enforcement of policies dealing with sexual harassment, discrimination, employee privacy. Domestic and International Clients turn to us for drafting of family, medical leaves, appointment letters, offer letters for consultants, terminations etc.

Also, our labour lawyers regularly draft employment agreements, non-competition agreements and non disclosure agreements.  concerning confidentiality, compliance with labour and tax implications of cross-border movement of employees.

Our litigation lawyers are also active in representing clients in disputes under employment laws relating to employment benefits, retrenchment, settlement. Our Lawyers also advise on implication of closure of establishment, conditions of employment such as termination of service matters, discharge, dismissal by way of punishment, transfer, harassment and whistle blower actions etc.

Employment lawyers at SS Legal Associate provide employment advise and legal consultation. We also draft and conduct audits on trade secret protection issues, data theft, original suits and petitions, criminal complaints against employees, legal notices, interlocutory applications etc. We also assist clients in managing the employment effects of major corporate restructurings and transactions. Also, our labour lawyers provide legal advice on employment issues that occur in major merger and acquisition. We represent clients in disciplinary matters with respect to dismissal on various charges of misconduct on duty etc.

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